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English (British) or English (American)

Rosetta Stone offers two dialects of English for learners, English (British) and English (American).

English (British)

  • spoken, with considerable regional variation, throughout the United Kingdom.
  • common, with considerable regional variation, in countries that were once part of the British Empire (such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the British Isles)

English (American)

  • spoken throughout the United States
  • widely understood by English speakers in other parts of the world.  Most Canadians speak a combination of both English (American) and English (British).

The differences between the two versions appear in pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary. The vocabulary differences occur

  • as false homonyms (the same word having separate meanings)
  • as synonyms (the same object or concept having different words in the two languages).

Rosetta Stone teaches you to distinguish between these words through context.


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