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Rosetta Stone Language Dialects and Accents (A-E)

Arabic Modern Standard Arabic. This dialect is what’s used in the media, higher education, and formal situations in the Arab world, and understood by all Arabic speakers.

We aimed for a Modern Standard Arabic free from any single, distinctive accent. But we did include some Egyptian voicers, and so it's possible you may notice an Egyptian influence.

Chinese (Mandarin)

Standard Mandarin. Standard Mandarin is the language of business, education, and the media in all regions of China, and is widely understood in the Chinese-speaking world.

Standard accent
Dari *

The register used in this product is educated colloquial Kabuli Dari. The educated Kabuli dialects is very close to formal Dari.

Kabuli Dari is the selected as the Target Accent. As the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul is the seat of the Afghan government and several prominent higher education insitutions, including Kabul University and the Polytechnic Institute of Kabul, which have a significant infulence on the language.

Standard Dutch

English (British) Standard British English

Received Pronunciation. This accent is most closely associated with London and the Southeast of England, although it is widespread throughout the country.

English (American) Standard American English

General American. (Also called Standard Midwestern, Standard Spoken American English, or American Broadcast English)


*Version 3 ONLY

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