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Available Arabic Alphabets

The Arabic alphabet contains 28 characters that directly relate to the sounds they represent. At this time, there is no standard version of the Arabic alphabet that uses Roman characters (i.e. those used in the English alphabet).

In most contemporary Arabic countries you would typically see Modern Standard Arabic written without vowels (although you do not see the vowels you still pronounce them). The Arabic with vowels is useful when learning the language because it helps you to recognize the distinct sounds that influence the pronunciation and meaning of a word.

Although it may seem daunting to learn both a new alphabet and a new language at the same time (especially one that reads right-to-left), our immersion-based method of language learning facilitates the process by simultaneously developing your listening and reading skills while you learn the vocabulary of the language.

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For a complete list of all Arabic characters, please refer to the end of the Arabic Level 1 Course Content.

Left: Arabic with Vowels; Right: Arabic without Vowels

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